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Letter to DCS Families and Communities
Meagan Dorsey
July 16, 2024
Letter to DCS Families and Communities
Vitriol. It’s a word that has come to the forefront of the American culture. It has promulgated such bitterness and animosity amongst us that an attempt to take the life of our former president has occurred. It has polarized our entire country and is used to continue to feed negativity and hatred toward people who used to be our friends. Vitriol. It exists within these walls tonight and has resulted in employees and people associated with our organization being vilified and denigrated through whatever method available. It has energized those who thrive on the negativity and chaos to a level where they are now stalking employees of this district, both online and in person. This type of behavior must stop. To this point, I have avoided addressing the constant spew of hatred, false allegations, and constant cyber harassment we are facing online, but I must now step forward and call for an end to this foolishness. 

I am extremely proud of our team and the work that has been accomplished over the past few years. I have been fortunate to have surrounded myself with great people, and their work has been exemplary. It is in no small part because of them that the district is in better financial shape than it has ever been, that test scores have returned to the level they were when magnet schools were being utilized, and that our bus fleet is in better condition than it has ever been. Our facilities are in better shape and cleaner than they have been in decades, and processes and procedures are now in place to ensure that everyone is held accountable. Our CNP staff has proven to be exceptional in never ceasing to provide meals for our children, even in the face of a deathly pandemic, and our technology staff has excelled in managing tens of thousands of pieces of equipment, keeping children learning and teachers teaching while being forced into isolation. All this with not one successful cyberattack. Lastly, our athletic department has raised the bar and is offering athletic programs comparable to our opponents while competing at a 7A level. We have demonstrated success in numerous athletic sports, both team and individual, and have provided our student athletes with state-of-the-art facilities. 

Could we do better? Absolutely! Do we make mistakes? We all do! However, our staff aren’t thieves, they aren’t criminals, and they don't neglect their duties. They are all committed to making this school system something this city can be proud of. They shouldn’t fear for their safety, or have a constant fear of legal actions against them. 

If there are those who aren’t satisfied with the direction this district is going, put your name on a ballot and run for office. Meet with school officials and try to collaborate with school officials in finding a solution. Most importantly engage in civil debate! 

To those promulgating this vitriol, STOP! For those who have been disciplined enough not to get drawn into the mud, THANK YOU! Stay strong, composed and civilized and committed to being a valued member of society. Vitriol. It has to end. 

Dennis R. Coe, Ed.D.
Dothan City Schools

The Wiregrass Museum of Art (WMA) & Dothan Technology Center Students install new artwork at Walton Park
Meaghan Hutchison

The Wiregrass Museum of Art (WMA) & Dothan Technology Center Students install new artwork at Walton Park.


The Wiregrass Museum of Art (WMA) alongside students from Dothan Technology Center installed new artwork at Walton Park in partnership with Dothan Leisure Services and local architect and artist Jason Schmidt. The work, titled “Cerulean Reverie: A Sculptural Dream in Blue”, was designed, constructed, and installed by students from several program areas, including Graphic Arts, Engineering, and Construction.

Project partners began work on the project in Spring 2023 to develop concepts and designs, encouraging collaboration across program disciplines. Originally intended to replace WMA’s on-site sculpture “Semiotic Compass”, which was designed and built by Schmidt to celebrate Alabama’s Bicentennial, the project was adapted due to the changing landscape around the museum and upcoming construction plans in the downtown.

Students from Graphic Arts, Engineering, and Construction have dedicated over a year to imagining, designing, testing, building, and installing their work. Alani Robinson, a senior at Dothan Tech/Dothan High School and one of the designers, expressed her vision for the sculpture: "I designed 'Cerulean Reverie: A Sculptural Dream in Blue' to emit a feeling similar to diving into a tranquil ocean. Each up and down is like a wave, carrying you into a serene state of mind. My goal is to create a mini environment where you can pause and reflect amidst the chaos of everyday life."

Marques Gibson, a sophomore at Dothan Tech/Dothan High School, reflected on the project's impact, stating: "This project came out very well, and I believe it will make a positive impact on our community. I feel it gave a fresh new feel to the park, and it will be something everyone will enjoy. This project was a series of lessons learned on how to overcome adversity in design, printing, and communications."

The work will remain at Walton Park for 1-2 years while additional works are being considered for future projects and locations.

We are so proud of our students and their dedication to this project that will be on display for all of Dothan to see. Way to go Wolves!!🐺

2024 Liberty Learning Foundation Citizen Promise Grant Winners
Meaghan Hutchison

2024 Liberty Learning Foundation Citizen Promise Grant Winners

Congratulations to our 2024 Citizen Promise Grant Winners at Dothan High School! Each student was awarded $1,000 to use on their journey after graduation. The funds may be used for college, entering the military, or entering the workforce. We are excited about these students and their future!

Stephanie Colvin

Arianna Torres

Abigail Nwasosu

Amiah Lomnick

McKenzie Smith

Anna Ryan Sharp

Jaelyn Ashendorf

Nikita Nimmagadda

Madison Phillips

Caleb Baldwin

Dothan High School Class of 2024 Present Legacy Gift to Fire Station
Meaghan Hutchison

Dothan High School Class of 2024 Present Legacy Gift to Fire Station


The Dothan High School Class of 2024 came together to show their appreciation for the brave men and women of the Dothan Fire Department.

With gratitude, DHS Senior Class President, Reecy Beachem, and Student Section Leader, Connor Cody, presented a heartfelt gift to the local heroes who selflessly serve and protect the community.

This generous gesture not only honored the firefighters' dedication and hard work but also strengthened the bond between the school and the fire department. It was a beautiful moment of unity and appreciation, showcasing the power of kindness and support within a close-knit community.